Who are you looking at?

Located in the re-charging heart of Dayton, Ohio, Northstar Media is a marketing and video agency that is thrilled to create promotional campaigns for any and all local businesses, church groups, bands and non-profit organizations. We also work nationally with clients who possess a broad range of talents and ambitions. If either of these profiles describe you, we hope that you will keep reading. We build web sites, we shoot video, we design, we write. Sound good so far?

Our Mission:

As a full-service videography, branding and marketing agency, Northstar Media is dedicated to offering clients top notch creative work at an affordable price.

While affordability may be great, it means nothing when you aren’t receiving a quality product in return. With a tireless team of writers, editors and videographers, Northstar is dedicated to making your branding and marketing visions a reality.

Producing creative content, filming and editing bold video packages, designing crisp web sites, authoring killer social media campaigns – these are not only the things our staff does; they are our passions. This is what we live for.

Passion, integrity and creativity drive us. No matter what your project budget, our team of creative professionals will work to give you the best campaign possible.




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