Video Work

Video campaigns are what drive Northstar’s most successful marketing efforts.

“But, Aren’t standard videos passe?”  You may ask yourself.

That is a great question. Our video team at Northstar Media uses video footage shot with real cameras to create great online promotional campaigns. In fact, some of our finest works, such as the Jibecast website, have resulted from the innovative blending of old-school video footage with new web technologies. You cannot create a progressive path toward the future without utilizing the tools you know best. We at Northstar firmly believe that. Whether you are seeking a full campaign of video advertisements, or only a video to adorn the front page of your web home,  our team will respond quickly and creatively to meet your every need.

Mark Bisceglia has amassed over twenty years of video shooting, production and editing experience. During these years, Mark has captured everything from weddings to training videos to interviews with nationally known politicians. Think Mark and his team cannot capture what you’re looking for? Try them, chances are they will exceed your every expectation.

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